SKINBOOSTERS Singapore Cost Treatment Guide | 水光针

Skinboosters (水光针) refers to the technique of delivering precise micro injections of hyaluronic acid (HA) into the skin.

SKIN boosters

– restylane skin boosters

– Teosyal skin boosters

Skinboosters and dermal fillers

What is the difference between skinboosters and other dermal fillers?

Skinboosters is a special type of ultra soft Hyaluronic acid filler that works through locking in moisture. Other dermal fillers work through volumising volume defects.

How is the skin booster treatment done? 

A handpiece will introduce the skinbooster directly into your skin via tiny microneedles.

What to expect after skin boosters? 

Post treatment, erythema is normal. This resolves spontaneously.

Which Areas can Be Treated?

Skinboosters is most often performed on the face, neck and hands.

What are the benefits of skin boosters?

  1. Lock in moisture and smoothen skin.
  2. Stimulate collagen to firm up skin.
  3. Brightening and whitening your skin.

Who will benefit from skin boosters?

Please note, everyone WILL BENEFIT from hydrated skin, hence EVERYONE will benefit from skin boosters. Those with dry, dull and aged skin benefit the most.

What are the side effects of skinboosters?

Injection related side effects, such as temporary redness and pin-prick marks may occur.

What are the results of skinboosters?

Dewy, radiant, glowing, youthful skin.

This is best achieved with combination therapy for OPTIMUM RESULTS.

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closeup   young  woman face with clean  skin

How is it done?

Via a microneedle injector to deposit the hyaluronic acid filler directly into your skin.


How long does it last?

Every skin is different. Studies show that Skinboosters is best done monthly for 3 -4 sessions for peak results. This ensures that the skin is filled with hyaluronic acid, and boosts collagen production, achieving an anti ageing effect.

Further touch up treatments are done every 6 months. The treatment lasts about 6 months.

What does Redensity 1 contain?

  • 8 amino acids, 3 antioxidants, 2 minerals,
  • hydrating hyaluronic acid,
  • 1 vitamin.
  • These high-quality ingredients are all naturally present in the skin, which makes Redensity I an extremely pure and natural product.

 A European multi-centre study showed 

  • 67% improvement in Skin Radiance
  • 69% improvement in Hydration
  • 83% improvement of Fine lines and Wrinkles
  • 1 month after the 3 sessions of Redensity 1

Restylane skinboosters

  • Crosslinked – greater longevity
  • improvement in fine lines and wrinkles
  • Glowing, smoother skin

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