Good day folks.

Today I am going to share with you quick tips on how to be BOLD and BEAUTIFUL! I shall divide this into the 3 Ss, SKIN, SHAPE and SOFT TISSUE. Let me explain.



So how do I analyse the skin? 

Now I look at the skin in the following way.

1) Quality – Hydration and dewiness,  glow and radiance -> This is where skinboosters work best.

2) Tone – Pigmentation, reds and browns -> This can be improved with IPL and pigment lasers.

3) Texture – Pores, scars. -> This can be improved with Skinboosters, intracel and lasers.

What can I do to improve my skin?

As every skin is different, I recommend a customised approach, combining skinboosters, lasers, IPL and chem peels to address your skincare woes.




– To harmonise your shape, and add character to your face.

What can you do to harmonise your face?

First, decide if you want to restore, or enhance your features.

Next, find a physician with a keen eye for beauty. Commonly, this can be achieved thru the use of fillers, botox, threads, Ulthera, Thermage etc .




– To correct and enhance your features to a younger more refreshed you.

What can you do to correct soft tissue loss and sagginess?

Sagginess -> Treatment involves non invasive skin lifting with Ulthera and Thermage,  or more invasively with Threads.

Vol loss, folds ->  The careful use of fillers, placing them at strategic locations will pump up your features in the right places.

Dynamic lines -> Use of botox to soften and bring your face to a relaxed state.



So I hope this has been useful.  I will be heading for a vacation and back the following Sat.  Til then, happy holidays!



Dr Daniel Chang

Believe. Dream. Achieve. Be bold and beautiful. 



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