CALF Reduction Guide Singapore 2023 | Ask Dr Daniel Chang

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Calf reduction: Botox is injected at multiple places which results in calf muscles shrinking in size, giving your calves slimmer and attractive contours.


Can Botox reduce calf size?

Yes it does, and very effectively too.

How long does calf reduction Botox last?

Typically 4-6 months, and with repeated treatment, the duration is longer.

Can you put Botox in your calves to help with calf reduction?

Yes, through microinjections into key areas, this will help in muscle bulk reduction.

Genetically, we Asians are wired to have bigger calf muscles and jaw muscles. Hence, from a visual point of view, we have an unflattering square shaped jaw and bulky calves.

How much Botox do I need for calf reduction calf slimming?

Generally 40 – 100 units are needed, for Asians.

Can thick calves be reduced?

Yes, but this will require the right dose of botox, and injected into the right areas.

But all is not lost.
Lifestyle measures can be used to improve the contour of your calves.
This include
  1. Cutting down on those high heels that you so love.
  2. Wearing more flats.
  3. Being careful with how you walk.
If after such measures, you still find the calves bulky, then something more can be considered. Botulinum toxin, which works as a muscle relaxant, can be used to reshape your calves.


So what is Dysport, Botulinum Toxin A (Botox)?

It is a muscle relaxant, designed to block the signalling at the neuromuscular junction.

How is it done?

The toxin is injected to your calf muscle (gastrocnemius) at 3 to 6 sites, depending on your anatomy.

You will notice the width of the calf shrinking in 10 days and continue to do so over the next 6 weeks.

Which is better for calf reduction, dysport or botox?

From my experience, I find dysport tends to produce quicker results for large muscle bulks.

What are the advantages of botox calf slimming?

  1. Doing botox injections will give you a slimmer contour to your calves.
  2. The pain on injection is minimal, and leaves no scars.
  3. Lasting for 6 months, you can do maintainence top ups to continue the effect. And with subsequent treatments, the botox will last longer.

How do we define slim calves?

Generally, the consensus is when the circumference of the calves is less than 25% of the length of the leg.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on your muscle bulk, but in most cases, it is done in 5 min.

What are the side effects?

Mild aching, swelling and bruising around the injection site. These are transient and will not interfere with your work.



So the journey to slim calves starts here. I hope this has been useful.