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In this Laser pigment series, I will address common pigmentation concerns in Singaporeans, and share my humble opinion on the debate, Picolaser vs Q switched laser, which is better?

What causes pigmentation in your face?

Pigmentation occurs when your body produces excess pigments. Scientifically, this results from hyperstimulation of your melanin producing cells, known as melanocytes. This causes aggregates of melanin sacks, known as melanosomes. These collections at different layers of your skin contribute to the umbrella term of skin pigmentation.

What can worsen pigmentation?

Pigmentation can be worsened by

  1. Sun exposure
  2. Inflammation – Hence picking a pimple tends to leave those unsightly marks *slaps forehead*
  3. Hormonal changes – This is commonly seen post childbirth in women with melasma

Pigmentation can be divided into hereditary, acquired and mixed. In Singapore, these are the common conditions I see in clinic.

Hereditary: 1. Hori’s Nevus 2. Nevus of Ota 3. Becker’s Nevus

Acquired: 1. Freckles 2. Solar Lentigo 3. Post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation

Mixed: Melasma, Sun damages skin

horis nevus

Is there any cure for pigmentation?

Can all pigmentation be cured?

In general, ALL pigmentation can be treated but to varying extents depending on your skin. The word cure and removal tends to indicate all or nothing, and in my opinion, are mere marketing gimmicks.

– Dr Daniel Chang

I have dry and sensitive skin. Am i a good candidate for laser pigmentation treatment ?

Sending photographs of your pigmentation to your physician is not the best measure. Because we need to see your pigmentation in 3D, under lighting from various angles and palpate your pigmentation to give you the best medical advice.

What causes the dark discoloration on my cheeks?

If it is on both sides of your cheeks, in Singapore, clinically the top 3 most common are

  1. Freckles
  2. Melasma
  3. Hori’s Nevus

What are the effective Solutions To Get Rid Of Dark Spots, Pigmentation and Scars?

  1. Laser Light treatment – The clinical treatment protocol is dependent on the expertise of your physician
  2. Lightening creams – hydroquinone based remains the gold standard with the best evidence. Of note, cysteamine is a product which I find has good results for melasma.
  3. Sunblock

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