Anti Ageing Review | Top 3 Anti-ageing trends

What are the latest anti ageing trends hitting our shores?

Korean Plastic Surgery
Korean Plastic Surgery
Korean Cosmetic Treatment
Korean Cosmetic Treatment

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Since 2014, public interest in minimally invasive Aesthetic treatments has exceeded surgical procedures. This trend is expected to continue and grow as information about Medical Aesthetics become more easily available, and treatments more and more accessible.

So what are the Top 3 Surgical Cosmetic procedures in Asia?

Based on local and regional data
  1. Breast augmentation
  2. Tummy tuck – A procedure to reduce excess skin and body fat from the abdomen. Commonly requested by women post chilbirth.
  3. Rhinoplasty – A procedure to enhance your nose height, tip and shape


What are the Top 3 fastest growing non surgical anti ageing trends in Asia | Singapore?

In the minimally invasive realm, here are the treatments that receive the most enquireis and generate the highest interest.

  1. Thread lift
  2. Antiwrinkle treatments and dermal fillers
  3. Skin rejuvenation treatments with Rejuran, skinbooster


This is a procedure where dissolvable sutures are inserted under your skin to lift soft tissue, hold saggy tissue and tighten skin through collagenesis.

  1. Lift your cheeks, jowls, eyebrows
  2. Soften neck lines
  3. Skin tightening and firming effect

What are the new developments in Threadlift?

PDO (polydioxanone) threadlifts are completely biodegradable and have been the traditional sutures used, having the longest and strongest data for safety and efficacy. Newer threads of potentially increased longevity include semi permanent material PLLA (poly- L -lactic acid) and PCL ( poly-caprolactone). In my opinion, longevity is a double edged sword. It can also lead to increased duration of side effects.

Anti wrinkle treatment

The continued interest in anti wrinkle treatments for softening dynamic lines from muscle hyperactivity, notably our forehead lines, frown lines, fine lines around our eyes and for inducing jaw slimming to create a more tapered v- shaped look.

What are the new developments in anti-wrinkle treatments?

Currently, anti wrinkle treatments last 4 months on average, so there has been ongoing discussion about a newer version of toxin that lasts longer. This is still early days so lets see.

In my practice, the top 3 anti-wrinkle indications include

  1. Jaw slimming – To reduce a square jaw caused by bulky masseter muscles
  2. Upper face wrinkles – forehead, frown, crowsfeet
  3. Dermalift – A hairline lifting treatment

Dermal Filler treatment

This can be used to enhance our features and revolumise areas of volume loss.

What are the new developments in dermal fillers?

Fillers on average last 9 months. Hence there has been interest in developing semi permanent fillers that last much much longer. In my experience, it is best to stick with pure hyaluronic acid fillers which are 100% biodegradable and possess the longest and strongest data for safety and efficacy.

In my practice, the top 3 dermal filler indications for 2018 include

  1. Chin fillers
  2. Cheek fillers – cheekbones, apple cheeks, laugh lines
  3. Liquid facelift – Where fillers are individually personalised to create a natural lift.

Skin rejuvenation

This covers a broad scope. Rejuvenation covers skin colour, skin texture and skin tightening.

  1. Skin colour and pigmentation: Best addressed with laser, skinbooster and rejuran
  2. Skin texture and scars: Best addressed with laser, microneedling, skinbooster and rejuran
  3. Skin tightening and loose skin: Best addressed with energy based devices

What are the new trends in skin rejuvenation?

Studies have been researching into modalities that can improve the delivery of serums and skincare products into the skin, while reducing downtime. Traditionally, we use microneedles, lasers to create channels for serum delivery. Newer modalities include hydraulic devices, low energy devices which promote MICRO-channel creation to delivery (skinboosters, rejuran etc) while reducing pain and bleeding.

What is the cause of loose skin?

Loose skin is commonly caused by 3 factors – Ageing, drastic Weight loss and Childbirth.

What would help fix loose skin?

In my experience, I find the following helpful.
1. Creams rich in collagen, Hyaluronic acid
2. Muscle strengthening and toning with weights, HIIT ( high intensity interval training)
3. Aesthetic treatments – Ultrasound, Radiofrequency modalities
4. Surgical – Tummy tucks, facelifts

As we often receive enquires regarding cost, suitability of treatment etc, here’s some quick insider tips.

So how much does medical aesthetics treatment cost in Singapore?

The prices vary depending on experience of your physician.

  • Doctor consultation: $60 – $120
  • Dermal Fillers – From $800 per syringe
  • Anti wrinkle – From $20 per unit
  • Threadlift – From $2500 per area – Upper face, mid face, lower face, neck etc
  • Rejuran – From $900 per syringe
  • Skinboosters – From $600 per syringe
  • Lasers – From $300 per session depending on treatment indication

Who is suitable for medical aesthetics treatment?

Every face is different. Every face is unique. As our features are 3-Dimensional and dynamic, it is always best determined via a face to face consultation with your physician. Hence we never do tele-consults and neither do we accept pictures sent to us to discuss treatment options.

When should I seek anti ageing treatment?

Some people have a misconceptions about anti ageing procedures. Below are the common ones.


Myth No. 1: You can always tell when someone has had “work done”


  1. Well, in the past, people wanted dramatic results.
  2. Now, the trend is towards, subtle natural enhancement.
  3. The best aesthetic surgeons would understand their patient’s expectations, and seek out an outcome that is both beautiful and natural.

Myth 2: Cosmetic treatments are painful and carries downtime


FACT: The truth is, there are many pain reduction modalities and managing pain is both an art and a science.

I have had patients telling me they ‘didnt feel the needle’, ‘are surprised the treatment was over’, ‘the needle prick felt like a massage’ etc.


Myth 3: Aesthetic treatment is not for the young


  1. Ageing is dynamic. We start losing collagen and elastin in our 20s. Anti-wrinkle botox fillers and threadlift are right for you when you have a valid indication and are ready.
  2. Anti ageing treatments helps an angry, dull saggy face look more refreshed, more attractive and more elegant.
  3. In Korea and China these days, aesthetic and cosmetic procedures are birthday gifts from parents upon graduating from college. There is a prevailing notion that helping their child look good and feel great about themselves gives them a leg up in their young adult years and beyond.

Disclaimer: In my practice, I will only offer antiageing treatments to adults (over the age of 21). 

To read more about these anti ageing myths, feelfree to CLICK HERE


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With increasing R and D into medical aesthetics, this industry will continue to grow at breakneck speed. This can only mean good things for consumers with safer and more effective treatments on the way. And for us physicians, we will continue to deliver the best treatments to help YOU look and feel YOUR very best today, tomorrow and everyday!

Wishing you love, joy + peace, and a bold and beautiful 2019! – Dr Daniel Chang

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