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Underarm flab

Years ago, there was this movie, million dollar baby. In it, we saw the female lead, Hilary Swank and a set of toned, sculpted arms. Yet, for the majority of us, we are not blessed with such features. Not uncommonly, we notice some underarm flab.


First question to ask yourself is?

Is it due to saggy skin or fat.

Once you have identified the cause, we can move on to solutions.


If it is fat, then your options include

1) Diet and exercise to tone the muscles and reduce the fat

2) Coolsculpting

3) Liposonix


Here are some good exercises to burn that fat. But in my humble opinion, nothing beats old school cardio, so do those runs and laps in the pool.



(images from

If it is saggy skin,

Then your two main options are

1) Diet and exercise

2) Thermage (to tighten and lift the saggy skin)






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So the question is, just how do Liposonix ,Coolsculpt and Thermage work?



Liposonix uses high intensity ultrasound to destroy fat cells which are 1.3cm below the surface of the skin to induce body contouring.

How coolsculpt works


Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to freeze the fat cells and induce cell death and achieve body contouring.

Where can you use Liposonix and Coolsculpt?

– Your tummy, flanks, thighs, underarm

– For love handles, back fat, bra rolls, and stomach rolls.


How long is the treatment?

Liposonix: 1 time treatment 1 hour long for Liposonix. If further reduction desired, you can schedule another treatment 8 to 12 weeks later.

Coolsculpt: Depending on the number of target areas involved. Each area takes an hour.

Here is an example of Liposonix.


And here’s an example of coolsculpt.


What are the side effects?

Pain is tolerable for both modalities ( Coolsculpt and Liposonix).

It is normal to develop redness and swelling that lasts a while, aching feeling for the day, bruising that is slight and some tingling sensation up to a week.

What are the contraindications?

Pregnant, Less than 1cm of adipose tissue (1 inch of pinchable fat), hernia

When can you see the results?

Maximum results at 8 to 12 weeks.




(Image courtesy of Solta medical)

What is Thermage?
Thermage is an innovative, non-invasive radiofrequency procedure for lifting and contouring skin. Thermage CPT system is the latest version of Thermage machines in the market. Thermage CPT offers better results and more patient comfort during the procedure than its predecessors.

So I hope this has been helpful. Have a lovely Lunar New Year.

Dr Daniel Chang

Be bold and beautiful. Making Raffles Place more beautiful, one face at a time.







So may you see a leaner, tighter, fitter you this New Year!

Dr Daniel Chang

Making Raffles Place more beautiful, one face at a time. 

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