What is the best treatment for face pigmentation? Ask Dr Daniel Chang

Woohooo! Lately the weather has been absolutely, fabulously HOT! Walking out under the mid-day sun has become an absolute nightmare. With all these UV radiation circulating around, one wonders how can we prevent skin pigmentation. Personally, I have noticed an influx of enquiries for skin pigmentation treatment. So today, I will share with you my top tips, to protect and lighten your skin pigmentation.

What can I do to lighten my pigmentation at home?

  1. SPF 30 – The very least for prevention. If you have existing pigmentation, please stick to SPF 50.
  2. At Home Peels – I am a big fan of glycolic peels. They are arguably the Dermatologists’ favourite treatment. Just dont forget to wash it off!
  3. Retinoid. Apply them before you sleep. These are gold standard for anti ageing and can lighten your pigmentation over time. Plus they serve as excellent anti wrinkle treatment.

What is the gold standard for lightening?

Gold standard refers to evidence based medicine, so the key is to use products that are scientifically proven for safety efficacy. Clinically, in the field of Aesthetic Dermatology, retinoids, hydroquinone and AHA are the mainstays, backed by dozens of high powered randomised controlled trials.

What is the best way to lighten my pigmentation Naturally?

  1. Sunblock
  2. Hydroquinone and Retinoid
  3. Lucent (The latest oral antioxidant supplement for skin whitening, reported to be more effective than Crystal Tomato)

Key is to the ingredients carefully, and slowly work your way up, to reduce the risk of skin irritation and peeling. Pls discuss with your dermatologist regarding this.


Whats the fastest way to lighten my pigmentation?

  1. Medical Peels
  2. Laser
  3. Lucent

In my personal experience,

  1. The combination of Lucent, Creams and Laser peels gives the quickest and most optimum result.
  2. Physical sunscreen containing Titanium oxide, Zinc oxide are the best sunblocks with the least skin sensitivity.
  3. Retinoids are gold standard for antiageing. However, Asians tend to experience more erythema and dryness with them.


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So i hope this has been helpful. Have a Snow white June holiday! – Dr Daniel Chang


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