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Whats the first thing you notice when you meet someone? For me, its their eyes. Whether their eyes are bright, big, small, slit like, or sleepy looking.

What is the cause of sleepy droopy eyelids?

1. Inborn. Resulting from poor development of the eyelid levator muscle.
2. Ageing, where your eyelid skin loses its collagen and elasticity and becomes lose. And ocular levator muscles weaken and stretch, causing eyelids to fall.
3. Eye Injury or Disease
What kind of injury | diseases can cause droopy eyelids?
1.  Cataract surgery
2. Contacts lens injury
3. Neurological and muscular disorders


How severe can droopy eyelids be?

When you notice someone tilting their heads backwards to see from under the eyelid, thats a sign it needs to be fixed urgently.

Because it is bad enough to obstruct vision.

This can be dangerous especially when driving or operating heavy machinery.


What are the symptoms of droopy eyelid?

  1. Unilateral or bilateral upper eyelids sagging
  2. Dry or watery eyes
  3. Eye strain, eyebrow ache and tired eyes



  1. Surgery – To tighten the levator muscles
  2. Non surgical – Plasma skin resurfacing to improve your eyelid skin tightness via microheat which causes tissue contracture


That wraps it up. IMHO, the eyes are one of the most vital areas for facial rejuvenation. It provides the foundation for a beautiful face. Treating the eye area is extremely challenging, but performed correctly, the results can be natural, yet dramatic.

So I hope this has been helpful!


Dr Daniel Chang



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