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Why we do it?

Feeling hopeless | anxious | depressed? You’re not alone! 2020 has been a particularly challenging year for many people.
If you are a young professional struggling with anxiety and depression, then we especially want to help you.

Let’s work together towards

  1. Increasing Mental Health awareness
  2. Increasing access to Mental Health services
  3. Decreasing social stigma regarding Mental Health issues

To de-stigmatise mental health issues through sharing of stories/experiences. Our goal in brief is to build a community, open, inclusive and non-judgy to help PMETs, from millennials to the matured, improve your mental health. We want to be your psychological First Aid, and promote mental health awareness. As Prof Goh has pointed out, ‘There is no health without MENTAL HEALTH‘. We feel, in the aftermath of Covid, this group of higher functioning silent sufferers will be affected greatly. Additionally, SOS, MOE, MOH, #plsstay movement are addressing the needs of the different age groups as we speak.

  1. #BeNotAfraid | Be not afraid to look bad. Be not afraid to reach out. Be not afraid to seek help.|| Underlying theme is accepting one-self. Which would go a lot way into helping silent sufferers *TAKEDOWN* this condition, 1 inch at a time. ||

2. #1lifesavedSG, #HumansofSG |To reduce suicide rates in PMETS and eradicate this negative social stigma  

3. Awareness | #itsokaytobenotokay Feeling depressed, feeling anxious is not an illness, not a disease, but unmet emotional needs growing up.

 And why PMETS specifically?

Professionals, managers, executives are the *silent sufferers*

Because people in this category are highly functioning, we think we can figure things out independently, we think we dont need any help from anyone… the underlying ISSUE of pride and social stigma for healthy help-seeking behavior. However, it is precisely this group that needs help, because recession is looming, people are feeling more stressed, worried about being laid off, worried about bringing food to the table, worried about their family, worried about the future, as a result of the impact of Covid, the worse being still unknown. This would have a trickle down effect on families, and poor kids suffer the most in the end. We. dont. want. that.

Presently MOE is addressing emotional quotient in schools. While there are apps directed at youths. Theres a movement for mummies focusing on teenage suicide. SOS, Family Life Society, IMH mental health hotline are helping the poor. So we will not duplicate resources… we will complement them, and target PMETS, the high functioning but SILENT SUFFERERS, for many will fall under the axe.

Pls note

  1. Your welfare is our priority. We are not looking for kamikaze pilots. We have a a safety net in place to take care of our members. Because the last thing we want is for members to crash and burn from dedicating themselves to this project.
  2. We are all busy parents, so a heart in the right place is all we need. Adhoc work as needed, at your own time, own target.
  3. Those who wish to contribute anonymously, please do… We do have a team of Silent warriors behind the scenes, so you are not alone.

What do our detractors say?

  1. I’m not tech saavy and the idea of  bots to talk to for depressed and suicidal people makes me uncomfortable
  2. And if someone kills themselves whilst using your app, then it will be a problem too
  3. Also is the end-point to refer to a human therapist? Coz how are ppl gonna afford that
  4. Sg started sth similar many years ago. It never gained traction
  5. Why do I need to go to this website?
  6. Why would I continue to visit this website, and who is moderating it?
  7. Who would continue to contribute to this site, how sustainable will it be?
  8. Why are we not helping the poor?


1. HumansofSG – short story chicken soup for the soul collection + anonymous forum, aka humans of New York style, but amended for Asian context. Chatbots to help on nights when sufferers feel alone, experience insomnia, and have no one to talk to. Because the incredible painful feeling of loneliness is not something to be dismissed.

I agree it cannot replace human human interaction, but the power of AI cannot be downplayed. In the US, chatbots are used and scientifically proven to benefit people with anxiety and depression. Its about developing coping mechanisms, and yes, it cannot address the emotional neglect, which requires the next step, speaking to someone. My plan is for a psychological first aid, like a band aid on your wound.

2. I think if theseforums are written without any identification, more users will be willing be share their experiences.

3. Qualifiers so only those high functioning PNETS will be helped | suicidal patients will be referred immediately

4. Endpoint: Awareness. An open sharing community like new York

5. We refer complex cases to IMH and SOS || So we help them to filter out manageable, we handle higher functioning patients, which tend to be the PMETS, by virtual of the fact that they have come this far.

6. This would be aka Chicken Soup for the soul | Sg version. To know there are others in your plight. Our panelists would take turns to share their stories every month. So the website layout | Stories by real ppl + Forum for anonymous sharing ( moderated by a group of volunteers)

 I think times have changed and we are ready for this. As a society, as a community. We will not be ambitious, we will focus on a select group, complementing the work of others. Influencers will lead the way to care and share. The aim is to build an open, inclusive, non judgy community.

7. SOS, Family Life Society, IMH mental health hotline are helping the poor. So we will not duplicate resources. We cant do everything so we decided on this target group first. We want to serve the silent sufferers and when more people come forward, we can extend this project to others.



SIA announces job cuts for pilots, cabin crew as business battered by Covid-19

Suicide rates in teens climb |

Challenges we face are:

1. Sufferers often have no motivation to seek help

2. sufferers have no money to seek professional help

3. sufferers dont want to talk to anyone


Timeline: Indefinite because we know that to change a social stigma takes more than a month or two ||

  1. Our dream team WILL take turns to share our personal experience, coping skills and photos, posting it in a personalised fashion
    – kiv wipeitdown TikTok for perfect initial face and then after wiping, revealing inner demons face. (as suggested by my brilliant friend Dr P Lee) The rage now as many millennials tell me lol 😂 I even tried it just now!
  2. Then extend to the public by interviewing PMETs ( IT/ Tech/ Banking/ Consulting/ Medicine/ Dentistry etc) and rewriting their stories which @Maggie Chua is leading
  3. Touching base with VWOs to seek permission to share their case stories which @Jade Chee is spearheading

1. Asian Forum ||  We do a humansofsingapore version. #1lifesavedSG|| Links to Resources for self help on youtube, and referral to a team of psychologists. On Mindfulness meditation. On hotlines to talk to someone.  | For mental wellness. manned by sufferers who have been there done that. Readers post their issues anonymously on a board -> And moderators reply, while public can comment and provide support. So it grows and becomes a repository of stories categorised by the 5 major emotions. Qualifiers will be made.  A. Disclaimer B.Indication C. Anonymous+ PHMC act

2. On nights where sufferers are alone and lonely, to have app bots to talk to them. Because many feel alone in this big big world, they feel they have no friends to turn to.

 3. AI bots who can reply with EMPATHY | only activated at night | not to replace Human interaction

There is currently no Sg forum dedicated to this with enough traction, for ppl who are more comfortable typing then talking over the phone or video call. One which deals with Asian issues, and has a collection of stories by Asians. I find that ppl open up when others around them, who they can identify, open up first.

How we do it?

To work with Influencers, Govt bodies and VWOs as a tripartite alliance.

1. Influencers to spread the word and relate their story, struggle, coping and personal statements

People to subscribe and sign up | With disclaimer qualifying the right ppl we can help and channeling the riskier ones to other avenues

2. Forum to write and share their darkness and to read about other ppl’s struggles

3. Bots to answer queries at night when theres no one to talk to

Aim is to complement hotlines not replace them || And not to replicate. || I need a good web designer for this user interface

AI bots can help to filter out the easier cases for the bigger cases to be handled by human connection

Process:  AI bots -> Counsellors hotline -> psychotherapy  -> Psychiatry with prozac

Our forum platform and bots will help with the easier, higher functioning cases, complex cases to be escalated. So we are a psychological first aid, a wound band aid.

Step 1.

Website with a good web designer to setup this user interface – aka forum style with articles, stories

Contributed by us the panelists, we start sharing our stories, struggles and encourage others to come fwd. So it no longer becomes a taboo, pplp no longer fear the stigma and labels.

Questionaire to qualify the right candidates. | So I was thinking not to duplicate resources so we focus on a select crowd for now. | 35-45, Non suicidal, no prev history of diagnosed mental health disorders

All anonymous except for username, age and questionnaire to ensure qualifies for us. Those excluded will be directed to a link to the hotlines avail for them. We do not want them to feel left out.

A.I bots to be activated at night. Bec many suffer insomnia so good to have a bot to talk to.

We are not replacing hotlines. We are providing an alternative avenue for those, like me, who prefer to type on a PC than talk over the phone or face to face. Hence the narrower age group range but open to suggestion.

Step 2.

To gain traction and reach out to more ppl, we need to share on social media and with our friends

Step 3.

WORKPLACE talks via zoom to teach coping mechanisms

What we do?

A secure anonymous short story collection of Sg suffers sharing their struggles.

Panelists to be non- anonymous. Rest will be anonymous. So we help start the ball rolling.

We qualify the subscribers || Those with altered mental state, young, suicidal, we cannot attend to them. We direct them to helplines: IMH | SOS | Psychotherapy

PROJECT TIMELINE || 1 year ending in Sept 2021

Our VISION: is to reduce the social stigma for Asian mental health issues, and build a caring, open and non judgy community with a platform to share their stories + AI Bot enable capability for discussing non suicidal issues, at night when no one else is there to help. We are a psychological first aid, we put the band-aid on the wound. We seek to build awareness and TAKEDOWN social stigmas, one inch at a time. To make people less afraid…. #BeNotAfraid

He succeeded in his lifelong goal… to make people less afraid… this was robin’s wish…one of the greatest actors of all time

Robin Williams

Challenges we foresee

  1. Asians not willing to share their story, unlike westerners. So influencers impt to encourage
  2. Funding. Tote board. We need funding for website, AI white labelling. Once off only and yearly maintainence of web hosting fee
  3. Web designer | Web master to help us manage this
  4. On going fees: How to sustain this project without passing it to end users. We want this to be an open source.


Campaign layout | We focus on ppl sharing coping measures

PMETS from all age groups

  1. Yogi
  2. Fitness
  3. Chinese speaking crowd

Work with the charitable organisations who want to have their cases featured to create awareness

  • Videos?
  • Website story?
  • IG story
  • FB story

IT/ Tech/ Banking/ Consulting/ Medicine/ Dentistry || Someone from each category to share their story. So it’s a sense of belonging and identity.

Should you be interested to support our pro bono, passion project, please contact us. Thank you!

Team HumansofSG

The Dream TEAM || LivesofSG #1LifesavedSG #BeNotAfraid

Panelists cum influencers || Local professionals from all walks of life. | Team role update: most of us have families… hence this project has no time limit… do as and when u are free 😁 |


Prof Goh Lee Gan: Pioneer and father of Family Medicine| Our Mentor Prof Gabriel Low Cheng Hock | Observer Dr Ang Yong Guan | Advisor Dr Tan E Ching: Senior Family Physician | Advisor + Dr Soo Shuenn Chiang | Advisor

Grace Loh Fournier: Legal Tech and Psychotherapist-in-training| Chief Dr Tan Liat Leng:| Project IC Cecilia Leong Faulkner | Core team


Leah Selakovic | Education + Media Psychologist | Team Lead +Soo ShunQiang | Co Lead Ferry Bayat | Special needs educator with interest in special needs kids| Sharon Lam | Counsellor + Eve Zhang | Counsellor + Therapist + Gloria Soo | (NLP) Trainer |


Alishia Cleopatra |Team Lead MEDIA Shirley Kuan | 2IC + Natalie Dau: Ultramarathoner | Motoko: Yogi + Uncle Sam: Award winning Fitness Coach
Eunice Yeo Spartan Champ 2015 | Sarah K: Korean XXXsettingGoddess | Trisha Vu +


Maggie Chua: ex-JAL rockstar| Team Lead + Dr Nina A: Celebrity Cosmetic Rockstar | Co-lead Dr Jade Chee: Kickass Millennial| Co- Lead Shireen Henry | Volunteer advocate + ex Hockey star Dr Geraldine Lee (Orthodontist) The orthodontic clinic | Dr Janine Leong + Dr Brendan Chia | Couple team + Dr Chia Min Shan + Dr Vanessa Tan | ENT | Dr Tan Keetung | Family Physician


Samuel Seow + Renita Sophia Crasta + Tan Hian Zee: Legal Counsel


And our Silent Behind the scenes Warriors | Dr Chu Jiawan + Adelene Fong | Strategist + + Jane Z xxxofmuse | Strategist

Dr Daniel Chang | Founder + Enabler + The Janitor | (I clear out all the trash, unclog the toilet bowls and flush out all the dunk from our naysayers with my tongue firmly in cheek 😝)

Dr Amanda Ong + Sang Hee Shin |

  1. When someone writes an paragraph he/she keeps the idea of a user in his/her brain that how a user can…

  2. When someone writes an paragraph he/she keeps the idea of a user in his/her brain that how a user can…

Mental health movies

My top 5 favourite movies on mental health | #HumansofSG #1lifesavedSG

Robin’s Wish 2020 In “Robin’s Wish,” a documentary about the last days of Robin. The comedian’s widow, Susan Schneider Williams, recalls one of the first times that she could tell something was seriously off. Robin called her from Vancouver, where he was shooting the third “Night at the Museum” film, and he couldn’t calm himself … Continue reading My top 5 favourite movies on mental health | #HumansofSG #1lifesavedSG

Project HumansofSG || LivesofSG

ProjectLivesofSG -> || #1lifesavedsg Why we do it? Feeling hopeless | anxious | depressed? You’re not alone! 2020 has been a particularly challenging year for many people. you are a young professional struggling with anxiety and depression, then we especially want to help you. Let’s work together towards Increasing Mental Health awareness Increasing access … Continue reading Project HumansofSG || LivesofSG

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