A beautiful face – 3 simple words…

A beautiful face. 3 simple words, which generates a multitude of images in our minds. So what is a beautiful face? How do we define it? Is there a universal definition of beauty?

I like to think of this in 3s, so let me introduce the concept of the 3 shapes of beauty, which I learnt from an American Plastic Surgeon. This comprises of…

  1. The outer oval, comprising of a full temple, apple cheeks, slim jawline, shapely chin
  2. The inner circle comprising the brows and the eyes
  3. And the midline triangle, comprising of the nose and lips.

Let me explain.

Lets take a look at this face. The outer oval would comprise of the line joining the temple, to the cheek, to the jawline, and ending with the chin. In this actress, we see a seamless line that continues down and laterally from the temples, to the well volumised cheeks, the slim jawline and the well shaped chin.

v face


For a beautiful female chin, on side profile, it must lie close to or at the line seen above. This is agreed upon by Plastic Surgeons.


ideal chin


And on frontal view, the length from the tip of the chin to the lower lip should be twice that of the base of nose to the upper lip. This is akin to the Golden Ratio. A good example is seen here in Korean star Han Ga In.

korean look

Moving on, lets discuss the next shape, the inner circle around the eyes.

This can be divided into

  1. Well shaped brows which frames the face and gives you a refreshed look
  2. Smooth wrinkle free skin lateral and medial to the eyes,
  3. Soft jelly roll under the eye, evident in the picture below.




v lift


Finally, the last shape. The inner triangle, comprising the nose and lips.

Notice how the nose in this actress is sharp, high and narrow? A slender nose, with a high bridge that extends from the brows, and a seamless body that curls over the tip. The only thing to be careful here is an exaggerated nose bridge, which would have you looking like our model below, aka, the ‘Avatar’ look.

As for the lips, the borders are well defined and there is preservation of the 2:1 ratio for the volume of lower lip compared to upper lip.

realasianbeautyth (1)


Moving on, lets look at a popular test you can do at home. It’s called the finger trap test, that determines if you are HOT, or NOT.



Here’s how it works. Basically, if you place your finger to your nose, and it touches the lips and chin, then yes, you are in the HOT list.

And here, we have the Hollywood A list of celebrities who fall into this category.


( From ABC news)

So are you hot, or not? Happy finger trapping!


Be inspired. Be bold and beautiful.

Making Raffles Place more beautiful, one face at a time.

– Dr Daniel Chang

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