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Here at Korean Medical Aesthetics, we strongly believe in giving to others, creating stronger bonds between people and building a kinder society for everyone. Hence we are always happy to be of service to the less fortunate. So if you know of someone who would benefit from an aesthetic treatment, but is financially or physically handicapped, do drop us an email.


Aesthetic treatments can be of benefit to the following group of patients:

Accident victims
Unsightly birthmarks, post inflammtory hyperpigmentation, burn marks etc
Skin healing and repair of wounds
Scar treatment (physical trauma or inflammation related)
Facial disfigurement, Facial tics, Facial asymmetry
Hair loss


If you have ideas, feelfree to drop us a line. Lets work together, dedicating our time, ideas and energy towards building a happier world for you and me. Have a blessed weekend!


To learn more about:

ALL Aesthetic treatments, do click here Ultimate Guide to Korean Medical Aesthetics.

Threadlifts, pls click here Facelift, V-Lift.

Dermal fillers, pls click here ABCs to Dermal Fillers. 

Pigments and pigmentation in skin.  Please click here PIGMENTS

Acne. Please click here  ACNE

Dark Eye circles 


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  1. May I know Dr Danial Chang is at which clinic? And how do I fix an appointment with him for threadlift nose and fillers

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